Public Participation

NIRPC is responsible for carrying out the transportation planning public participation regulations contained in 23 CFR 450.316 and published on February 14, 2007. The federal regulations call for a participatory process “for providing residents, affected public agencies, representatives of public transportation employees, freight shippers, providers of freight transportation services, private providers of transportation, representatives of users of public transit, representatives of users of pedestrian walkways and bicycle transportation facilities, representatives of the disabled, and other interested parties with reasonable opportunities to be involved in the metropolitan transportation planning process.” (23 CFR 450.316(a))

NIRPC welcomes and encourages public participation in the planning activities of the agency. Public Participation helps NIRPC realize its goals objectives for engaging the public as active participants in the agency’s planning activities. NIRPC staff will use various methods staff can use to solicit, involve, and respond to the region’s residents during transportation and other planning processes.

Public Participation Plan Comment Opportunities:

Engage NWI, the Draft Public Participation Plan(45 day comment period, June 21 – August 5, 2019)

For more information about how NIRPC conducts Public Participation, please feel free to review our plans below.

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