Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission

RFP 18-05.03: City of Hobart Conservation Zoning and Sub-Area Plan


September 5, 2018 – September 19, 2018

Q1: Could you share the total funding for the grant?

A1: NIRPC is in receipt of a federally funded grant from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Lake Michigan Coastal Program in the amount of $40,000 for this project, plus matching funds. NIRPC or the City may also have other revenues available to contribute to the project above and beyond the grant. However, as outlined on page 5 of the RFP this is a competitive procurement process of which one of the scoring criteria is price competitiveness.

Q2: Is the ordinance work expected to commence as the plan element is winding down, or is it expected that both the Sub-Area Plan development and the Zoning drafting will run almost simultaneously?

A2: The ordinance work is expected to be undertaken simultaneously with the Sub-Area Plan development. The activities and needs for zoning in the existing Nature District, other natural areas in the city, and the new Sub-Area Plan area are anticipated to be very similar.

Q3: Is there a targeted date(s) of adoption for the Sub-Area Plan and Conservation Zoning?

A3: NIRPC anticipates that all work for this project, including any presentations to Hobart decision making bodies must be completed by June 30th of 2019.

Q4: Does the City or NIRPC have adequate GIS data to assist in accomplishing this project? If not, could NIRPC suggest any particular data sets that the consultant may need to collect, create, or acquire?

A4: NIRPC and the City of Hobart have done a considerable amount of municipal, regional, watershed, and natural resource planning within the focus area in recent years. We believe that these efforts have resulted in sufficient GIS data for the project.

Q5: So that we can propose a comprehensive and effective solution, can you please provide an estimate of the budget that NIRC anticipates for this effort?

A5: See response to Q1 above.